Incorporated in 2007


Following its incorporation in July 2007, Oxley Capital Partners ("Oxley") focused on taking an active participation in the management of real estate investment trusts (“REITs”). In October 2007 Oxley acquired, through wholly owned Cambridge Real Estate Investment Management Limited, an interest in the capital of Cambridge Industrial Trust Management Limited (“CITM”), the manager of  Cambridge Industrial Trust, (“CIT”) listed in the SGX, and currently known as ESR REIT.

In August 2008, National Australia Bank (“NAB”) along with Oxley increased this interest to 80% in the capital of CITM. Following this investment, Oxley and CITM collaborated on a number of acquisitions of industrial properties by CIT.

In January 2017, this combined interest was sold to a subsidiary of ESR Cayman Limited, a regional industrial and logistics property investor, controlled by Warburg-Pincus and Redwood Limited, the current manager of ESR REIT. Oxley currently has a minority carried interest in ESR REIT manager.

As shareholders of CITM, Oxley and NAB jointly saw the assets under management of CIT grow from circa S$650 million in August 2008, to approximately S$1.35 billion by end of calendar 2016.

Alongside with its investment activities, Oxley is engaged in the provision of corporate advisory services to clients within and outside Singapore.


Oxley takes its name from John Oxley (1785-1828), an English naval officer, explorer and surveyor of Australia during the early period of English colonisation. He discovered the Liverpool Plains, the Castlereagh, the Peel, Hastings and Brisbane rivers and Port Macquarie in Australia. In line with his pioneering spirit, Oxley strives to take on the challenge of conquering uncharted waters in our continuous search for undiscovered high quality investment opportunities.